2014 NBA All-Star Game Jerseys Revealed

The jerseys for the 2014 NBA All-Star Game have been revealed, and are sure to cause a stir among fans.

Image via slamonline.com

Image via slamonline.com

Keeping up with the league’s latest stylistic fixation, the jerseys will feature short sleeves – a fashion trend that has been hit or miss with NBA fans.

Adidas, who were responsible for the design of the one-off uniforms, released a statement explaining how concept of the design represents the city of New Orleans, who will host the 2014 All-Star Game in February.

“The uniforms are inspired by New Orleans’ rich an unique culture, featuring vibrant Mardi Gras colours and shiny brass and silver accents on a short-sleeved silhouette.”

The statement also explained the design of the logo in the middle of the jersey, which is similar to the simplistic monochrome team logos on the league’s Christmas Day jerseys.

“The NBA All-Star logo appears on the chest of the blue “East” and red “West” jerseys in the shape of the fleur-de-lis, the official symbol of Louisiana, with a purple “W” or green “E” cut out to identify the conference of each player.”

Adidas have also designed black, white and bray warm-up suits that the players from each conference will wear before the game.

“Each player’s jacket will be customized to represent individual career accomplishments such as NBA All-Star Game appearances and NBA All-Star MVP awards, NBA Championships, regular season accolades and scoring titles. Players will also wear shooting shirts that feature a colorful primal print.”

Sleeved jerseys have been a controversial topic since the Golden State Warriors introduced their sleeved alternates last season.

This season, as many as five teams will sport the long sleeved jerseys – not including each team that wore the unique Christmas Day jerseys over the holiday.

However, many players, including reigning MVP LeBron James, have complained about the league’s insistence of pushing the new trend on the league.

Before the Christmas Day games, James told Miami Heat beat writer Joseph Goodman that the Heat’s shooters were “upset about the (sleeved) Christmas  jerseys”.

“I can’t have my shooters out there worrying about some sleeves and not shooting the ball,” James continued.

Whether fans or players like them or not, the league’s introduction of sleeved jerseys to their annual showcase of the leagues best talent is the biggest indication that the new style of uniforms is here to stay.

Check out the gallery of the new uniforms below, and let us know your opinion in the comments below.

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